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Quiessence Magnesium & Chromium Pellets can help a horse that has signs of a magnesium imbalance. Your horse may be nervous, overweight, stiff and slow to warm up, or has a cresty neck. Quiessence is pelleted Magnesium and Chromium which support your horse's health in a number of ways. Quiessence may help reduce founder in horses & ponies by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation. Horses and ponies that are nervous, tense or can't concentrate may benefit from Quiessence. Horses that are slow to warm up, have sore muscles or tight backs can show improvement when given Quiessence.

Chromium has been shown to improve glucose clearance by improving insulin sensitivity. Magnesium deficiencies can stem from stress, processed feeds & dietary deficiencies, and many other causes. Horses may exhibit nervousness, muscular tension, inability to relax, irritability, hyper-sensitivity to touch or sounds and other, less obvious symptoms when magnesium levels are low. Quiessence combines these two essential ingredients in these tasty pellets.

Available in 14lb Tub

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