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Mikmar Three-Ring Bit

Mikmar Three-Ring Bit

$ 89.99

Mikmar Three-Ring Bit

The Mikmar Three Ring offers mild poll pressure and leverage action. The shank is slightly swept back for a softer, more forgiving feel. There are three rein placement options, the lowest offering the most leverage. The Three Ring is a good choice for those desiring a slow activating, loose ring with mild leverage. Offering more control than a single loose ring style without being tough. Nice for young horses or those who need to improve balance. Useful for correcting horses that have a tendency to carry themselves heavy in the riders hands or that like to grab the bit, lean, and root. It encourages the horse to elevate and helps to create good flexion. The non-pinching mouthpiece keeps the mouth soft and moist as well as pacified. We recommend using a leather curb strap for bit stability.

Sizes: 5" or 5 1/4"

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